5 Essential Things You Should Know About Industrial Battery Safety

Mishandling industrial batteries can be dangerous. These batteries are heavy and large, and they contain corrosive acids. In addition, it can cause serious problems when you drop it. The corrosive acid can cause intense burns to your skin. The acids can even cause corrosion when they come in contact with equipment and other things. Moreover, you can get a high-voltage electric shock if you touch industrial batteries without the right preparation and appropriate equipment.

Thus, if you work with equipment that uses industrial batteries or own tools and equipment powered by industrial batteries, you should learn how to handle them safely.

Know the importance of proper handling

Distribution centres and warehouses should prioritise industrial battery safety. People in charge of maintaining and changing batteries should always be aware that batteries are dangerous. Therefore, they should understand the best practices and safe handling procedures when working with industrial batteries. A solid understanding of best practices and safety procedures can increase the time they can use the battery and ward off accidents.

Always think of safety and observe best practices

It is vital to remember that industrial batteries are useful, but they also present hazards. They are volatile and heavy, with some weighing about 4,000 pounds. Here are some tips for handling industrial batteries.

  1. Wear personal protective equipment. When handling industrial batteries or installing an industrial battery pack, experts recommend wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). More importantly, PPEs are required when performing battery maintenance. PPEs include aprons, face shields, gloves, and boots.
  2. Know the location of safety equipment. Companies that use industrial batteries maintain safety equipment and first aid kits. Employees and staff should memorise the locations of the eyewash station, battery spill kit, and fire extinguisher. Moreover, they should know how to use all the safety equipment.
  3. Know the fire risk. It is important to know that industrial batteries are susceptible to fire. Thus, users should not use an open flame, smoke, or create a spark or arc near the battery charging station. They can produce explosive and flammable gases that diffuse readily.
  4. Open the battery cover when charging it. A battery emits hydrogen gas when it is charging. Therefore, there should be enough ventilation to ensure the proper dispersion of the gas to prevent its build-up. A high concentration of hydrogen gas is a fire risk.
  5. Know how to increase battery life. If you are working with equipment using industrial batteries, you need industrial battery backup systems to have uninterruptible power. First, understand your battery and backup system if you use a lead acid traction battery, which is rated 1200 or 1500 cycles to 80 per cent depth of discharge. If you discharge it beyond 80 per cent of its life cycle, it will cut back the expectancy significantly. For example, it can drastically reduce the five-year life of the battery to only two years.

Industrial batteries are a big boost to business operations. Thus, companies should provide their staff with the proper knowledge to utilise, maintain, install, and store industrial batteries. The proper knowledge will increase their life and provide your business and equipment with uninterrupted power, increase productivity, and ensure users’ safety. 

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