Content VS Backlinks – The Right Combination For Maximum SEO Effect

Your website will be of no value to readers without content which address real issues. We are all advised to create quality content for our sites; the kind of content that readers can’t do without. On the other hand, how do we get visitors to see our perfect websites? Do we post content without taking any further action on them? Backlinking has been proven the most effective way of doing this. It is now rated the highest method of tripling the chances of web exposure. And it’s not even hard to acquire them, as you can facilely buy them here.

Owing to these needs, one might get confused on which to concentrate his efforts on; is it content or backlink? Taking a look at the SEO demands, there are a lot of things that must be put into consideration which all can be channeled back to keyword rich posts and building adequate backlinks.

Your efforts as an internet marketer will be grounded if you don’t have enough targeted traffic to your site. Many people buy traffic and a lot more pay for adverts using several sources. One good way of getting enough targeted traffic is by ranking high in search engine results. Apart from the fact that you will get enough traffic, this traffic source is also free and you don’t need to pay anybody. How do you do this?

You Need Keyword Rich Content

Many searches on the internet today are conducted with key terms called keywords or key phrases. For instance, a search may be run on “dog training techniques” and probably you have a site on this key phrase. If you want to rank high for it, then you need to use “dog training techniques” and its alternatives as much as you can on your post and spread it appropriately throughout the title and body. Generally, this keyword should be in your page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, and in your articles. You might possibly consider including it in the website URL.

Search engine bots are all looking to satisfy users by presenting worth-reading content. However, it is not everybody that can write keyword rich content. Some people get it stuffed and end up getting penalized instead of ranking. On the other hand, having keyword rich content on your site will not guarantee you success. You need to reach to the right people.

Getting Targeted Visitors To Read Your Keyword Rich Content

Website ranking is also related to other factors as how old your site has stayed, the age of your domain, number of quality links, and many other untold criteria. In order to increase your chances of attracting potential visitors and increasing your internet exposure, you need to get backlinks from sites that are already developed and trusted in your niche; those sites that are ranking high. 

One of my friends who runs ABCya, a gaming portal experienced a lot of natural backlinks once the games on his website started gaining popularity. If you create quality and engaging content, backlinks will come to you. Otherwise, you can employ other strategies to gain them.

Getting backlinks will help spread words about your business and services across the internet. There are many ways to build backlinks; through article submission, website submission, blog commenting, video marketing, guest posting, private blog networking (PBNs) etc. Note that the effect of article submission to free Press Releases has decreased dramatically.

There are certain kinds of websites, where the primary content is video. A website which provides users to watch a very popular tv show online, can’t create much textual content. I came across a website to about big boss 12 watch online which is a popular Indian TV show, and on analysing the traffic i could see that its primary source is backlinks.

Having come this far, which do you think is better – content or backlinks? The truth is, if you use keyword rich articles alone, you may achieve success and rank well in 2 years, 5 years, etc, and you definitely don’t want to wait that long.

On the contrary, if you use backlinks alone, your visitors might get screwed by the ‘crap’ you have on your site as content. And believe me, if visitors come to your site twice and find the same garbage, they will possibly mark your site and never return again. You need to combine these two wisely; write as much quality keyword rich content as you can and build enough backlinks too.

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