How to Promote Music Websites?

When we talk about music, every person has a deep interest in this category. And so, there are millions of websites that deal with music. Some of them sell music, like Wynk, Saavn, Gaana, etc. While some of them simply allow users to listen to music online, without buying or downloading the content.

Whatever kind of music website you have, you definitely need active promotion in order to rank well and get recognition. So let’s find out some easy ways you can carry out if you are in initial stages of your development.


When it comes to music, then definitely YouTube is the most popular platform. You can find literally all the songs of various languages here. Now, when you have a music website, how will you take help from YouTube? Obviously you won’t be uploading the entire song, which would have got you a copyright notice. So what to do to save yourself and also promote?

One of the best ideas is to make a collection of some songs. For example, you can talk about old vs. new, best songs of a certain singer, songs for a certain festive, and so on. But do remember to give your own voice in the video along with just the music. Some portion of your video should be original to get it clearance. So whatever you decide to do, make sure to also work on the SEO of video.

You could also try this awesome music blog submission service if you run a music blog, or your blog where you have embedded your videos.


Facebook is another common platform when it comes to any sort of promotions. You can create your own Facebook page, which links to your website. And then you can promote that page. Besides this, you can also join some groups related to music or any other similar sort.

Facebook promotions are the easiest and quickest way to reach your target audience. The paid promotions ensure high amounts of conversions, which will then become the regular customers to your website.


Besides promotions, the most important thing which you need to take care of is the SEO of your website. Social Media promotions can be beneficial up to a certain point only. The organic traffic plays an important role in your sustainability. Because if Google ranks you once, then it will ensure continuous traffic for quite a long period of time without having to take care of other promotions as well.

And to get yourself ranked well, you need to work efficiently on the SEO of your website and various other articles which you publish.

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