3 Easy Ideas to Market your Fashion blog


If you are an existing blogger, you might be knowing how important it is to promote your blog besides writing the content. And it is even more crucial for a fashion blog since this is one of the highest earning sources. Obviously, your content should be of high quality. But you also need to give almost equal time to promoting it.

Before you move ahead and start sharing your fashion blog, make sure your article is worthy enough. Go through the below checklist to find out what have you missed.

  1. Is your headline catchy enough to get clicked?
  2. Is the article addressing any problem people face?
  3. Are you speaking in the air, or is your formula tried and tested?

In other words, your audience should have a clear take away from each of your articles. Otherwise, they will never return if you offer plain boring content.

A Stunning Example of Fashion Blog is EQUIMEN which is one the best men’s magazines online. You can turn to them to get inspiration on how to write a quality fashion article and make it reader-friendly.

Now when you have made sure your article is good enough, let’s move to the most difficult part – how to promote it. There are some very interesting ways like mailers and notifications, social media shares, and so on. Let’s look at best of them in detail.

Emails and Notifications

If your website has helpful content, people will like to return to it time and again. So, once they land on any of your page, prompt them to enter their email addresses so that they can be notified whenever next post goes live.

Alternatively, make use of push notifications. Today each website has the feature of sending such push notifications on desktops or mobiles as soon as a post is published. This will also be beneficial for people, and your daily visitors will keep on increasing.

Social Media

While Facebook and Twitter are common social media platforms for sharing your articles, there are others as well which are becoming popular. When it comes to fashion niche, Instagram, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest rule the race. Since they themselves are image driven platforms, driving traffic to your fashion images through them will be very easy. And so, it will be highly advisable to make full use of these platforms.


Some of you might already be familiar with this. But those who are not, this website is entirely for fashion bloggers only. This is similar to Instagram, but with major advantage that you can add links to your images.

This website has the capability to drive huge traffic to your website. So while you are sharing your own content, make links with other bloggers on lookbook.nu as well. Besides this, you can also use affiliate links in your images to earn some easy money.

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