3 Simple Ideas to increase Organic Traffic

Making a website is quite easy. The difficult part is to generate traffic. And when the point is of organic traffic, then it is even more difficult and tricky. But if you know the correct tips and tricks, then you need not require any other agencies to do this work for you. It is very easy than you think.

Most of the people completely outsource this function to other companies. And trust me, all they do is a little bit of effort and your traffic is increased. But what you do in return? You pay heftily to them. Here are some ideas to help you generate organic traffic all by yourself. And if you dont want to do it yourself, you can simply buy website traffic and let the companies take care of the rest.

Search low volume keywords

People run behind those keywords which are searched most of the times. But those keywords have high difficulty and plenty of sites have already written amazing articles on them. So in order to stand out, you need to quit the rat race. Find those keywords which have less search volume, and in turn have very less difficulty.

For Example, if you have an insurance website you could target seniors in the insurance segment. There is low but good demand for burial insurance for seniors, so you can be smart and capitalize on such opportunities in your niche.

And then, write a good SEO friendly article on that primary keyword and few other secondary keywords combined. This will help you rank very quickly for that keyword. Once you write few articles on low volume, search engines will start recognizing you. And then with time, it will be easier for you to rank for medium search and difficulty, and further, high search and difficulty keywords.

People also buy organic traffic which is keyword targetted to improve their overall search CTR, but whether it is a good idea or not is debatable.

Good Backlinks

You need to search for websites that have good authority in the eyes of search engines. Checkmoz is one of the sites that help you find the Domain Authority of the websites. Search the websites that have good DA, and have articles in your niche. Getting a backlink from such websites will shoot up your ranking very quickly. In other words, guest blogging for various sites will definitely help you increase your traffic.

Create Quality content regularly

Do not make a website and forget it. Keep writing good quality SEO friendly content on regular basis. The best you can do is make a database of SEO keywords, and write good articles on them frequently.

Just creating the content for namesake will not be good. You need to take care of SEO part as well. While keyword density is important, do not stuff your article with the keywords. Those keywords will help Google identify you for the relevant searches. And with time, your article will start appearing on the first page of the search. If you continue sharing the article enough, you might soon appear on the top.

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