SEO Companies – How to Choose one?

Whenever someone starts a website, his full focus lies on how to make his website good looking and better than his competitors. But amidst this, he forgets one very crucial factor.

What do you think it is?

Yes, SEO!

His full focus lies on making a website, that he totally ignores the SEO part and it is left behind. But SEO is the most important step if you want to make your website successful. And one should always carry both together. SEO and website making should go hand in hand for successful results.

But at a time, one can only focus on one thing. He can either make a good website, or focus on doing a proper SEO of the site. So how can he handle both then? It is better to hand over the responsibility of your SEO to another eligible person, or a professional company.

One cannot always find a reliable person to hand over the SEO. So, company becomes the only good option to go ahead with. Now the problem comes, how you will choose such a company? What factors you should consider while making a decision? Take a look at some points to keep in check.

Search Ranking of SEO company

Firstly, shortlist the number of companies that deal in this service. Now, check the ranking of each company. You want to know that a company which is offering to help you rank in the search engines and provide you niche edits, are they themselves doing well?

You can use tools like Ahrefs to verify this. If a company is ranking very well, that means it knows a great deal about SEO and are able to buy guest posts on your behalf effectively. If not, then how will it do the SEO of your website if it cannot handle it for their own site?

Duration of their service

How long has the company in your list, been participating in this field? Is it an old player or a relatively new entrant? Even though new entrants are mostly well trained and updated, SEO is one thing which old players have experimented well and know how to deal with google updates, penalties, etc.

Strategy Discussion

If you are in a face to face discussion with your company that you will actually get a much clearer idea of a company’s intentions and working style. Because email communications, are replied after scrutiny and and careful thoughts. In a verbal meet, honest opinions come out much quickly.

Lets, say you are from melbourne and your found some SEO Company Melbourne for discussing your website. Keep an eye out for the following.

Are the companies open about discussing their strategy? Most of the people prefer keeping this a secret so that other person does not steal their ideas. But when you are supposed to become their customer, they should let you know how they will approach the problem at hand. So don’t go with the companies which do not tell you what they will do with your website. Who knows they may apply blackhat techniques to rank you well.

Also, they should offer your proper reporting at every stage. Be upfront with them and openly asking the the time and units of resources they will be dedicating at the price. And how will be able to monitor it?

There are certainly many more questions you can ask a SEO Company before hiring them. So which questions did you ask? Let us know in the comments.

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