How to Promote your YouTube Videos?

Making a video is no big deal. The real pain comes in promoting it. Don’t you feel so?

Even if you make an amazing interesting video, something that would keep the people engaged or entertained, that alone would also not help you reach your desired goal. No matter how unique or interesting video you make, if you are not promoting it well, all your efforts are worthless.

You need to promote your channel, your videos and spread the word about your business. Here we will share some amazing tactics that you can follow to increase your viewership and hence earn more revenue.

SEO of the Video

Whether it is an article, image or video, if you want to share your content to as many people as possible, you need to do the SEO right. When we talk about the SEO of a Youtube video, we mean the following things:

  • Video Title – Do proper keyword research on what people are searching for, and then create an attractive title around those keywords.
  • Video Tags – If you want to do organic promotion, tags play a very crucial role. See what tags your successful competitors are using, and create a mix of them relate to your video.
  • Custom Thumbnail – Create a custom thumbnail for each video of yours, to stand out from the crowd. If your account is verified, you can take full advantage of this feature.
  • Channel Branding – Try to include a branded intro and outro in each of your videos, that talk about your brand and more such videos from your channel.

These few steps will ensure you do a great SEO of your channel and videos. This is a proven method to promote your content extensively. Your dependence on SEO will be very high when you are running a mature site where you can not promote or share your videos publicly.

Embed Videos

Contact various high quality websites in your niche, or generic websites, and ask them to embed your videos in their articles. This may come as a paid service or free, depending upon which website you are approaching.

You can also embed your videos in various forums like Quora. Building backlinks for your video will do a great help in promoting your content.

Social Media Shares

Create your profile on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. Share your content regularly in as many pages as possible. You can even do a paid promotion on such social platforms to reach to maximum audience.

To make it more interesting, you can create a short clip from your video and share on your social channels. This clip should be made in such a way that people feel curious to click your YouTube link and watch the entire video then and there.

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