How to write SEO Friendly YouTube Titles?

Why do people care about Youtube SEO? Isn’t Google SEO sufficient?

Well No! YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. And to make your content reach maximum audience you need to be prepared from all fronts. If you have your own Youtube channel, then this is the first step to reach that audience. But if you are only creating videos and not taking care of its SEO, then that channel is of no help at all.

But is SEO all you need?

Not at all. You can have a great SEO done for your video. But if the content is not good to keep users engaged throughout your video, the YouTube will throw you from ranking. Just like how Bounce Rate matters in Google rankings, similarly, the duration for which people stay on your YouTube video also matters.

You can have plenty of views on your video, but if people are not staying for long, you are not serving YouTube’s interests. So the first step before you move ahead to SEO, is that you create a brilliant video to keep people there for as long as possible. And this becomes even more important if you have a site like TubeV where you have to depend on SEO for all your traffic.

Now, let’s talk about SEO. What do you think are the parameters of a good YouTube video SEO?

  • A good video title
  • Sufficient and important tags
  • Video Thumbnail
  • Attractive video description

While all parameters can be managed, title is something that attracts people first. And this is also one of the major reasons for your video to appear in search results. So let’s see how you can write a very good and SEO friendly video title.

Tips to write an SEO friendly Title

You need to write a title in such a way that it includes all the relevant keywords that people are looking for. Of course you already know that. But how to do this? Let’s see.

Keyword Research

Use chrome extensions like VidIQ to help you find the keywords having maximum searches. Related to what your content is, see what keywords your audience is searching.

Competitor Analysis

For your kind of video, look at who are the top competitors, or which videos appear on top when you search the targeted keyword. Analyze how those videos have written their SEO titles.

Having collected few good keywords from both the above steps, create a catchy title which has all the relevant keywords. But remember, it should not look like keyword stuffing. The title should tell the people what is inside.

Having taken care of all the parameters, now you are ready to make a great SEO title for your YouTube video.

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