How to create a website like YouTube?

What do you think YouTube is? In layman terms, it is simply a platform where people share videos with each other and the world. And today, it has become one of the biggest sharing platforms on the internet. From songs, to recipes, to serials, and much more, everything is readily available here. With its enormous collection of videos, YouTube has become the safe entertaining haven of the majority of people in this world.

And if you want to create a website just like YouTube, then this is definitely not a piece of cake. YouTube was started in 2005. And you can imagine how many years it took for this channel to reach at such a height. So, if you are planning on making another such website, then don’t forget to keep patience while following many other steps.

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Now if you are planning on creating a video sharing platform just like YouTube or Vimeo, we will give you a few pointers in this article to help you out on the same. Starting up such a website requires a lot of money and resources like huge amount of space, reliable hosting server, video compressor, and so on. But before that, you will definitely need a website. Let’s look at each of this in detail.

Making a similar website

Today, everything is readily available on the net. Long has gone the time when you had to code everything from scratch. Now you just need to find out the right components and bring them together. And just like that, making a website is extremely easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Purchase a domain name (eg.
  • Look out the kind of web hosting you need and sign up for it
  • Install WordPress
  • Install and configure a suitable video theme
  • Launch the website

Just these 5 steps and you have the basic infrastructure ready. And regarding the web hosting, since you will be uploading and sharing videos, you should definitely go for dedicated hosting. This will allow you to use your resources at your own discretion and will.

Is a website enough?

Not at all! Since we are talking about uploading and hosting videos, you will definitely need more resources, like

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Tons of Servers
  • Huge Bandwidth, probably terabytes of it
  • Ad placement system, to fight the costs of bandwidth
  • Time (Most crucial and often ignored component)

You need to take care of lot of things before actually diving in. A simple website will not be sufficient for you, since it can only handle short load. You need to invest a lot of money initially, to set up a video sharing platform.

Now, how can you stand out?

Having discussed some pointers on how to make a website, what should you do next? It is difficult to compete head on head with YouTube. So, you need to bring something different in your platform that people get convinced to leave YouTube for your website. Here are some things you can consider in order to bring something different in your site.

  • Live Streaming
  • Video On Demand, for certain paid videos
  • Multi Format Monetization for paid videos (For example, instead of membership, you can include pay per view payment model)
  • Tough Security (Since such websites are easily prone to hacking)
  • Your own curated content (Instead of downloading and uploading here, you can also share some of your own videos like Amazon Prime and Netflix does)
  • Customization (Let people enter the type of videos they would like to see)

In other words, instead of making a website just like YouTube, you can integrate multiple websites like Netflix and YouTube into one and make your own website.

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