How to generate actual sales for a Jewellery Business from Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms today to socialize and promote yourself. And for jewellery business specially, this has been one of the strongest mediums to promote. If you need to increase your viewership, enhance your brand image, and make some money, then Instagram is definitely your go to buddy.

It is often noticed, and is properly studied, that Instagram drives more sales than any other platform.

People get influenced by posts on Instagram, and end up making a purchase almost instantly. But mostly, this is the case with

  • apparels,
  • footwear,
  • jewellery,
  • and makeup.

That means your business of diamond or other kind of jewellery is definitely in safe hands if you decide to promote on Instagram.

Other things also sell good through Instagram, but these things attract audience the most. And probably that is the reason why people are investing a lot of their money and effort on this channel these days. But this is not the cup of tea for everybody.

Not everyone is able to increase their sales through Instagram. Why? Probably they are not doing something right. So here I have few tactics that will help you increase your sales, and bring more revenue for your jewellery business.

Instagram Ads

The Instagram ads are a great way to reach out to new users and bring better viewership. And when your brand or product is new, these ads prove to be the worthwhile investment. Moreover, you can post ads in such a way that only your target audience sees it, specially those who are more likely to make a purchase.

Just like with any other platform, Ads are a great way to promote your jewellery products and get some actual likes and clicks. You can also add the link to your product in those ads.

Earlier, you couldn’t add links to your posts or stories. You had to direct people to your pages and get the link from your bio. But now, the Instagram is revising its policies, and brands are able to put up links in their stories itself. With time, the Instagram channel has been made extremely user and business friendly, due to which you can stay assured that your ads and content will reach the right audience.

User generated content

People love when their posts are showcased by other people. Use this mindset in your favor and get people to send you posts or tag you in their related content so that you can show them in your profile. But for this, you also need to have a good number of followers to make your posts noticeable.

Since getting organic followers can be tough in the beginning, people also turn to other actions where they buy the followers to rise in the beginning. This gives them a good head start to connect with their target audience.

This is also a popular word of mouth advertising. Your customers are the ones who create content for you which shows your products. It greatly helps connect with new users and followers and increase your jewellery sales.

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