Is Instagram a good place to Promote your eCommerce Websites?

Every website today, relies heavily on promotions. Be it social media, or simply Google Ads, marketing and promotions have become an essential part of websites today. And when we talk about social media, we simply don’t mean Facebook alone.

There are hoards of social media platforms, that are gaining popularity as the time is passing. And one of such platforms in Instagram.

We all are aware of what Facebook can do, and how much success one can get through this channel. But now, Instagram is also coming up next to Facebook in the same regard. Be it any kind of website, selling services or an ecommerce site, Instagram is proving to be a boon for the digital industry.

Here in this article, we will talk about how important it is when it comes to marketing your ecommerce products. That can be your fashion store selling stuff like party wear dresses, or a foods store promoting stuff like cbd gummies. Any kind of product can easily be targeted here.

Less Saturated

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is less saturated at the moment. When you scroll your Facebook feed, you are likely to see more ads there, than on any other platform. This makes Facebook less profitable for companies because there is huge competition.

Instagram is also very popular with companies which can better showcase their products through pictures. For example, stores selling surfboard can use fancy photographs of surfers while surfing. Surf Nation has a good Instagram profile and well maintained one. They offer surf accessories & hardware on their online surf shop, which you can see here.

On the other hand, Instagram is relatively a less explored field. People see stuff only which interests them. The inherent structure of Instagram is itself very interesting. So amidst that, if you find ads that are of your own interest, you will be prompted to follow that page by heart.

That is what ecommerce websites can rely on, while talking about Instagram. They can easily target their potential customers through the short videos which are likely to grasp the interest of people.

Cheaper to Promote

If I compare this again with facebook, you have to pay immensely there to reach out even to your own followers. The posts you publish on Facebook are not shown to all of your followers, rather a very selected few.

While with Instagram, there is no such issue. You can easily reach out to your target audience, if they have subscribed to your page. Moreover, promoting to them through paid ads is relatively much cheaper and more profitable than the Facebook or any other social media platform.

These are some of the reasons why I consider Instagram as one of the best marketing channels these days. In addition to all, you can easily find your target audience on Instagram when you are talking about ecommerce websites. Hence, for these niches, Instagram is relatively the better option.

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