“123Movies” Keyword is being targeted by many Webmasters – Why?

When you will search for 123Movies, a lot many websites would come up. And it is not the same website that is appearing in multiple links, rather different websites are built on the very same keyword – 123Movies.

But why is that so?

Every company or website tries to rank for a specific keyword, or a group of keywords. Usually that keyword is a random company name that the company has taken up. But with 123Movies, this is not the case. This is not a very common noun, nor it means any specific thing. Still, a lot many webmasters are targeting this keyword and working on its SEO to get ranked.

Here are some of the reasons why this is happening.

123Movies history

People are not targeting this keyword randomly. Originally, 123Movies was a very popular website, which was loved by people all over the world. People from almost every country used this platform extensively. They could watch movies freely on this platform, no matter old or new.

But this platform was soon shut down and was banned in maximum countries. This came as a shock to every one of its fans. Now even though the platform was not available, the fans were still there. And they still search for 123Movies, solely because they only get this keyword in mind when they plan on watching a free movie online.

So, while the original platform is not available, and people still search for that, most of the companies started targeting this.

The fan following of 123Movies is huge. And if any website can rank good on the said keyword, they would be attracting a lot of traffic without having to bother about their own brand name.

But this also attracts a lot of problems. Just like 123Movies, even these websites can get banned anytime. Moreover, since the competition is huge, a lot of money goes in the SEO and marketing of such websites. But nevertheless, people don’t stop trying.


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