What are Secondary Keywords in SEO?

SEO is the most important marketing technique if you have to rank well in search results. It does not matter if you are directly selling products and services or not. If you wish to have organic traffic to your website, then you definitely need to work on your SEO front.

Now, who all are very familiar with SEO basics and how to do the right SEO? And more importantly, how to find the primary and secondary keywords of SEO?

Primary keywords, we all are well aware of. And if someone knows even a bit about SEO, then that means he knows what primary keywords to consider. But there are other keywords as well, which are important while taking care of the SEO of any article. Those are secondary keywords.

The most common practice taken up by majority of people is that they blindly categorize keywords into primary and secondary. Are you also one of them? If yes, then you definitely need to read this complete article. Here we will tell you what are the secondary keywords and how you can identify them.

Secondary Keywords

Let’s first take an example of primary keywords. For PCB, some of the primary keywords can be PCB cloning, PCB reverse engineering, and so on. How you identify them as primary?

Simply, they have high search volumes.

And they definitely take way too long to rank in search results. If you consider only primary keywords in your articles, you would take forever to get discovered and ranked.

On the other hands, secondary keywords help you rank way too quickly. If someone is starting the website, he should start with targeting secondary keywords first. They are the less searched keywords, which means not many people would have worked on them. You can take advantage of this fact and get ranked quickly.

In the above case of PCB, PCB copy is one of the secondary keywords that will give you quick results. Make it a part of your normal practice itself. Always consider both primary and secondary keywords when you are writing articles keeping rankings in mind.

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