5 things to Look forward in a Blogging Career

Blogging as a full-time career can be challenging but when it pays off it is the greatest thing ever. Lots of people have started to take blogging seriously way more than earlier. Before, it was just a passive income source, but now it is no joke. Good bloggers are making 4 digits every week by promoting things on Amazon.

In this article, we will read about 5 things that one should look forward to in a blogging career and also how much fun is it to blog about things you like!

The rise in blogging career is mainly because of growing digital marketing and content marketing. Publisher networks are paying better than 9 to 5 jobs and providing value to this career. Facebook Instant Articles and Google Adsense are the best sources of income which are literally making millionaires. 

Don’t quit after trying it for a while

If you have just started Blogging, then finding instant success is not possible. You need to produce quality content on a regular basis and promote it on relevant platforms or else it won’t reach it’s intended audience. Lots of bloggers start with good content but never promote it. Initially you need to promote hard. Afterwards your little audience multiples automatically if your content provides value.

You can explore more career options

Blogging as a career is so flexible that you can start another gig on the side to earn a little more. Freelancing in graphic design, programming or any of your skill can be a great option. You will have so much flexibility with time, that you can even start multiple blogs and collaborate with other bloggers.

No answering to anyone

A blogger is a self-employed Entrepreneur, who works on his own time and don’t have to report to any official at 9 in the morning. No formals, no morning rushes through traffic and no working overtime. You can write your blog whenever you feel inspired.

Share your voice with the World

If you have different thoughts and beliefs, some amazing ideas or anything which you would like to tell a lot of people, then a Blog is the perfect place to get started. You can share your opinions on subjects and your take on solving problems which might influence many people.

Start your Entrepreneur journey

If you hate the corporate world and want to go on your own journey of entrepreneurship, but cannot figure out that revolutionary idea just yet, then blogging is the perfect career choice for you. With blogging you can start making money while you work on the next big thing.

These are some of the things you can look forward to, once you decide that you wish to become a blogger.


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