Vimeo vs YouTube – Pros, Cons & Differences

Do you have your video ready?

If yes, then half of your work is already done. The other half is deciding upon where to host that video.

Vimeo and YouTube are the two most powerful video sharing platforms that people are using extensively. Both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. No doubt YouTube is number 1 platform. But that can be thought of due to its age.

There are many other platforms that are coming up right behind YouTube. And Vimeo is one of those platforms. People are using them to watch and share videos, and also to earn some great money.

However, none of these platforms allow people to do the thing they love the most. That is, what latest movies online. This is why alternatives like Putlockers are becoming more and more popular.

The first instinct you will feel is to upload the video on YouTube. But let’s not go by the instinct and think clearly. Here we will list down some basic differences and pros and cons of Vimeo and YouTube, which will help you decide which one to pick.


Vimeo and YouTube both are video sharing platforms. Then what makes Vimeo different from YouTube?

Video is based on a different strategy than YouTube. Here, the publishers make money by selling video hosting services. So, they give their viewers a complete ad free experience. There are variety of plans ranging from free to premium, which are based on the data storage capacity for uploading videos.

The rest is similar to YouTube. You can upload the videos and share it on other social networks as well.


  • No ads before the video starts (Advantage for viewers, disadvantage for advertisers)
  • Promotes videos that are high quality and good in content. In short, shows “staff picks”.
  • You can create your own group and share content.
  • It offers more privacy options as compared to YouTube.
  • You can change your video later without modifying URL.
  • With Vimeo Pro account, you can sell videos directly to the users.


  • Smaller user base
  • For free plan, you can upload videos only up to a certain limit of space.


YouTube follows an advertising based model, where people earn money by showing advertisements in their videos. Users can upload any kind of video they like and promote it. Here you can watch top trending videos that show every kind of content. This is the 2nd largest search engine after Google.


  • For free plan, user can upload as many videos as he wants.
  • Has a wide audience reach.
  • This is owned by Google, so has certain benefits.
  • This has more video editing features compared to Vimeo.


  • There are a lot of advertisements inside videos and on pages.
  • Cannot earn unless you reach a certain limit of viewing hours.


If you are a beginner and just want to reach to maximum audience, YouTube is your option. But if you are in a business where you need more privacy, like teaching courses, Vimeo is your option.

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