5 Marketing Hacks For Bridal Shop Owners

Everyone has a dream about the wedding which is going to happen once in a life so its a special day for a bride and their family. Choosing the best bridal shop is the biggest task for them. The federal government confers that, more than 75 percent of wedding industry owners including dress designers, store owners, flower arrangers, caterers, and planners are self-employed. Bridal Shop owners can make an excellent income, but only if the business succeeds. Before you start Bridal shop it depends on you to decide to budget for the shop and calculating the income based on the investment. In the initial stages, it’s a bit tough to get more income unless you are an overnight success. Even you might need to spend a lot on start-up costs like buying dresses and equipment, setting up the store, paying for a business license and salaries for the designers& employees.

In every bridal Shop, owners income may be low until you bring a reputation in the market. So make yourself safe in enough cash reserves to run a business in the startup stage. The better way to get an idea of what your bridal store could earn is to sit down and write your business plan. Based on your locality and requirements of Bridal services like the gown (mermaid wedding dress), decoration and how much everything will cost based on this you can figure out and organize the best service which will bring the bridal store a success. And also this will give you an idea of how much you can take out of the profits without disturbing business. Here we have listed some marketing hacks for Bridal shop owners to withstand and succeed in their business. These are from the superior bridal group forum which is highly endorsed.

Bringing Repeat Customers by Post Visit Follow Ups

A  repeat customer is simply a customer who buys from the same store more than once. Is it possible to have repeat customers in bridal specialty business? According to the statistics compiled in a study by Frederick Reichheld of Bain and Company about new customers versus repeat customers.

  • You need at least 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer compared to retaining a current customer.
  • If you fail to resell to a customer within 5 years, you will lose more than 50 percent of them.
  • Even a 5 percent increase in customer retention can result in 5-95 percent increase in total profit.

Is it really interesting statistics? Yes, now again a question. How can a Bridal shop business create a repeat customer?

Ask the brides to sign in when they visit the shop for their appointments or purchase. Post-visit, you can follow up them by continuous email or message about your bridal offers, availability of mermaid wedding dress preservation service, the accessories you offer and bridal tips. We all know that it’s not possible to buy everything the bride needs on the day she buys the dress. So make sure her to come to you for all additional service or purchase.

Attract the Bride with Buying Incentives

You can create the offers like First purchase cashback or gift to boost sales and also attract the brides to buy dresses on their first visit to the shop. Also, the additional free benefits like,

  • Zip-up
  • Opaque
  • Water-proof garment bag
  • Cedar dress hanger
  • steam cleaning

You can also offer them a 100% refundable deposit for 30 days. So the bride can plunk down the deposit without any risk for 30 days and also it gives time for the bride to test out other mermaid wedding dress. Collecting a deposit is a psychological commitment to the customer and also increase the trustability.

Charge a Storage Fee

Storage fees are pleasant basic throughout the bridal shop business. The mermaid wedding dress is taking up much space and also have to be kept in moisture-free environments in order to maintain the dress quality. If you want to clean the mermaid wedding dress it takes years and years after that also you cant satisfy with the work you have done. A typical cost of the bridal equipment is high and we are using that in once a while after that it occupies our cupboards for the rest of its life. The preservation shop will be able to repair minor rips, tears or snags on the bridal dress.

Track the Slow Moving Inventory

Slow moving inventories are normally inventoried items which have very little customer demand over a particular period of time. Every 3 months, any dresses which occupy the shop’s storage have to move to the sale rack. Hang all of the dresses on the rack backward so the open-side of the hanger is facing out. Normally, the average period to sell an inventory will vary depends on the business and product. Even it varies from product to product and business to business.

Boost Your Bridal Show Leads

Many bridal shows are conducted nowadays so if you are going, try to bring at least a rack with few dresses and mannequins each represents the different style. Ask the bride to fill a slip of paper to vote for their favorite dress. You can ask the bride even to fill their name and other contact details, so they will automatically fill the info without hesitation. This is also one of the ways to boost the leads. You can add them in the mailing list and in continuous followup. Now you have lots of other platforms like social media and blog content to boost the leads. You can arrange for a voting in social media through that you can get more targeted leads for a bridal shop. Can host your own bridal show or fashion event to showcase your product and services and even you can invite other bridal business partners to the event you are hosting to promote your business in their network. The probability of attracting more leads in the traditional bridal show is less compared to this and also will get high-quality leads.

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