Why Google is Preferring Niche Law Websites over Full Service Firms?

We all are aware of changes Google keeps on making in its search algorithms.

There was once a time when generic websites were given top priority in searches. Be it of any kind, generic entertainment, full service law website, different genre website, and what not. People preferred them, and Google prioritized them.

But now, things are taking a U-turn. When we talk about law firms, the niche law websites are becoming more popular, as compared to the full service ones. What has led to such a change? Why Google is giving them priority? Let’s find out.

Better Services

This fact is quite evident. When you build a website focused on a niche segment, you tend to give better services there. And law firms are purely dependent on better services. So, it becomes quite evident that the more you target a niche, better will be your service, and hence better will be your search results ranking.

A niche website offers you expert grade on what needs to be done in your case. They give you great attention, which is not at all possible with the generic law firms. They might not even have good lawyers pertaining to your particular case. However, with niche websites, you already know what best they are offering and whether you require them or not.

Personal Touch

As I stated earlier, you will get personal attention through the niche websites. Moreover, they are already an expert in the given field, so it won’t cost them much time to help you win your case. And that is the reason, you will find them giving personal attention to every case and person.

When you are fighting for a case, the whole world will be against you, except your attorney. So you ought to feel that connection with him, which he fails to provide when he is fighting for everything and everybody.

When these websites are benefitting the consumer so much, then Google will definitely give them a rise in its rankings, right?

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