Is having VIP-Only Content an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Definitely it is!

What is the sole purpose of making a website? To earn money, right?

And there are many popular ways by which people do that. Some go for Adsense kind of earning model, where they have to rely on different companies for payment. While some like to go for membership kind of model, where they put up restricted content that can only be accessed after payment.

This model is greatly influenced by offline techniques such as VIP clubs, which are available in huge numbers in places like Ibiza, Dubai, Los Angeles, and so on. If they are running successfully, then why can’t websites do that, right?

But the question is, is having such a VIP section really effective? Should companies really consider this in their marketing strategy? Let’s see.

Attract Elite Class

I have recently discovered Companies like nightlife brand Clubbable who has found a niche where they are able to perform well, because of their excellent content. They have optimized their site very well around the keyword “Nightclub”. ApartĀ from that, they have also built a marketplace for going out to VIP nightclubs where people create their groups for going out and promoters and club managers in that city get notified and can send offers of guest list or prices on VIP tables. Is this is awesome. Makes you wanna go Clubbing, right? Well you can do something like this in your business too.

Having a VIP section is a great way to attract elite class to your website. There can be various advantages that can be offered to them if they join such a membership.

  • Elite specific event
  • Latest products in the market
  • Access to confidential information
  • Access to important reports of companies, and so on.

Various big companies have such a facility on their website, where they will show their performance reports to certain people only. When you add such a clause, people are naturally attracted to you. And if you offer them something meaningful, they are most likely to spread positive word of mouth for you.

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More Revenue

Why do you need a marketing strategy? To find out and establish ways to earn more revenue.

And this restricted content, or in other words VIP Section, is really one of the best ways to have more revenue potential. By looking at offline VIP models of London, Paris, etc. these websites are also stepping on the same path. And trust me when I say, it has really proved to be beneficial to them.

This section truly gives you much more revenue, than you could have earned through an Adsense kind of model.

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