Top 3 Live Streaming Services (except YouTube)

Live Streaming is the next big step in video marketing. The concept of videos is becoming so popular that most of the websites have started adding videos in some or the other form to their websites. There are various ways by which this video marketing is gaining popularity:

  • Using videos for introduction of website
  • Introducing new products or services in the website
  • Product reviews
  • Sharing the latest news
  • Streaming live video, and so on.

Various websites such as Hotstar, Satellite Streams, etc. show live videos on the genre they are built on. And taking note of how popular they have become ever since their start, live streaming is truly doing wonders.

YouTube is one popular platform that shows live streaming. But are you aware of other popular services as well? In this article, we will share with you few more platforms that are becoming increasingly popular when live streaming is concerned. You can easily enjoy live shows here without much of a hassle.

Sling TV (only available in USA)

Launched in 2015, Sling TV was the first multichannel live streaming service. Even though there is a huge competition to Sling now, but it is still one of the cheapest services showing multiple channels across the US. The base price of Sling is $25 per month. But even after that, it is the cheapest services that provides ESPN live, Disney Channel Live, CNN live, and much more. The only drawback one would feel is few channels in its kitty. But that can be understood keeping in mind the lower price.


Hulu TV is another most popular live streaming service, that offers much more than just live streaming. You can watch on-demand TV shows and movies, more than 50 channels of live TV, and so on. To get full access to live tv and many more services, Hulu would cost you $40. This also includes cloud DVR storage, worth of 50 hours.


Vimeo is primarily a video sharing website, launched in 2004. And this was the first video sharing website, where users could upload, share and view different videos. But slowly, in 2017, this website entered the zone of live streaming as well, by acquiring the existing service, livestream. But this is only available for premium customers, which prices at $900 per annum.

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