How to promote regional websites on social media?

These days, many websites are coming up, which are made purely in a regional language. While translating an english website to regional languages is definitely on rise, making a pure regional website is also gaining popularity. There are multiple benefits of such a website:

  • Trust builds stronger
  • Brand recognition increases
  • Organic traffic increases, and many more.

The only drawback of these websites is that your reach stays limited. If you want to reach out to wider audience, you might have to translate your website in other languages as well.

Let’s now talk about how to target your regional content through social media. There can be various topics one may wish to target, such as

All of them are translated versions of “photos of short dresses”. How are your going to target such regional content through social media? Let’s find out.

Join regional groups

Every country or region has a group on most of the social media channels. Be a part of that group and start communicating with your target audience. Make your presence felt to everyone out there. And then, you can start marketing your products on that channel. This is one of the best tried and tested measures, which surely help reaching regional websites to their target audience.

Facebook Ads

Make your business page on Facebook and other channels. Start posting different variety of content on your pages to attract followers. You can now start promoting your social media page through various paid ads. The reason this method is popular because there is an option to choose your target audience the way you want. Multiple filters help you filter out your exact audience and you are then easily able to reach out to them with your products.

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