Basic Features of a Good Financial Website

A website may include loads of design elements, but a financial website does not need to have all of those elements. However, there are elements that must be included on your financial website. A well-designed financial website is critical to your financial firm’s digital marketing; ignore it at your own risk. The site should be engaging, increase conversion rate, attract new clients, enhance client retention.

When designing your financial website, you will need to keep four things in mind. They include:

  • Simple layout
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Call to action
  • Appropriate content

Simple Layout

Keeping your website layout simple simply means keeping it clutter-free. Your site should be neat as seen in HittaSMSLå Easy to navigate, HittaSMSLån is made by a team that designs financial websites, they work with small loans which they call sms lån in Sweden, and their website is user-friendly. The homepage is simply designed and is direct to the point. You visit the site and you will see the “Apply” button indicated against each loan product, meaning you can apply for the products right away without too much navigation.

It is also important to include your brand colors on the home page of your site to attract visitors. This is a critical trick since the site needs to look professional, and your brand colors exhibit just that. However, avoid using sharp colors. Shades of white are a great choice.

Mobile Compatibility

There are billions of people using smartphones today (as 2018). The reason why these devices are popular is because they are mobile, and they allow clients to access your site on the go. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you could be missing out on a large number of prospective clients since not many people own desktops or laptops. This could mean benefiting your competitors in some way as your potential clients may seek to visit mobile-friendly financial sites. Additionally, Google considers mobile responsiveness of websites when ranking them; thus, your site will rank high if it is mobile-friendly.

Appropriate Content

The content on your financial website should be informative and appropriate. It should also be search-engine-optimized for visibility to potential clients. Since financial matters can be complex, your clients are likely to ask many questions, ranging from your interest rate to the type of services that you offer. You can include things like videos in your content to help them understand your services better. Remember, information conveyed in a video format is retained more that written content. However, the video should be of high quality. Also, since many people tend to have a short concentration span, it is imperative that you design short yet comprehensive videos.

Call to Action

A call to action tells your visitors exactly what they should do. Although simple, this trick can work miracles when it comes to converting users into buyers. The call to action should be strategically placed on the site, possibly at the bottom or on top of the page. “Click here to get loan in one step” can be a great call to action statement.

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