How to Make your Images SEO Friendly

Whether you are a regular blogger, or own a website for business, you must have worked with images in your life. Images form one of the major components of any article content. Without it, your article feels dull and won’t attract much audience.

So, while you already know how important images are, are you taking special precautions to make them SEO friendly? Images surely contribute to the SEO, if you didn’t know already. So it is always advisable to take care of what kind of images you are using, and how you are creating them, if at all. And amidst all this, you surely don’t wish to invite any copyright infringement case by using protected images, right? So, have a look at some important tips.

  • Do not use copyrighted images.
  • If at all you wish to use, and don’t have any other option, take permission from the concerned person via emails.
  • Try to create your own images using photoshop or any other software.
  • If you want to pick images from the web, use the ones given on websites like Pexels, Pixabay, etc.

Now, let’s move to how to make your images SEO friendly.

Use Unique Images

As I discussed above, it is good practice to use unique images in your article. The main point is not to use copyrighted ones. Although you can use the ones from Pixabay like, but creating unique images has its own set of benefits. This step is going to give you good ranking in the search results, since your content (in this case, image) is totally new.

Good and new content is always ranked higher in all the measures possible. So having unique images on your page is going to increase your SEO friendliness of the article.

Give Alt Tags

Giving Alt tags to the images also contribute to towards the SEO. Almost every seo expert which you will meet, like, this will be the very first step they will ask you to take care of by yourself. Having alt tags give google an idea about what content that image is related to. And when people will search for that content, your image will appear right in front of them.

Compress the Images

Page load speed is one of the most important metrics when google ranks pages in search results. And when your images are heavy, your load time will be affected. Many people wonder what bad would happen if your image is just a tad bit heavy.

Well, your image might not be the only thing that is heavy. There can be multiple images in your article, or any other kind of content that takes time in loading. So when your load time is increased, people are likely to boycott your website altogether. So, always compress your images before loading them onto your page.

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