What is Targeted Traffic?

Websites always crave for more and more traffic. It normally does not matter to them from where people are coming to their websites, and who are they. As long as their number of visitors are increasing, they are happy.

But is it ideal? Is the number of visitors all we need?

While number of visitors is an important factor, the most important is who are visiting. And that means, who is your target audience and whether they are visiting or not. This is the targeted traffic, that is, the visitors who will most likely use your service or product.

Why targeted traffic?

When you are not putting your money at stake, it does not matter who are landing on your page. But once you start marketing, you will place your money there only where there are chances of selling your product. Isn’t it?

For marketing, people use emailers, single ads on Google, social media ads, pay per clicks, and so on. Now what would happen if you have a pay per click ad, but the people who are clicking are no where related to what you are selling. In other terms, your ad is visible to everybody alike. You are likely to face a lot of losses.

Now when you start acquiring targeted solo ads traffic, you will see huge rise in your sales. That means, only those people will see your ad who are your target market.

The same thing happens with emailers, social media promotions, and other forms of advertisement. Reaching out to the target audience is most crucial when you are putting forth your money for this step. Let’s take an example.

Suppose you are a wedding planner based out of Australia. And you give services there itself. Now imagine that your marketing activities target all the people who are getting married. What do you think will happen? People from America, Indonesia, India, etc. might also contact you since they saw your ad. Will you be able to serve them? But you will definitely lose money to show them the ad.

What is the benefit of showing your ads to people who are not at all your target audience? You will only be incurring losses. So the wise step here would be to limit your audience. Reach out to those people only who are your direct market, that means people of Australia in the above case, who are about to get married.

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