Rodney Torres – A Pro Photographer’s tips on using Photos on Websites

Photos are very important aspect of any website. Just content is never recommended. Photos make the content and your website pages more lively.

And this is one thing I learned from Rodney Torres, one of the most popular photographers. When I talked to him 1 day, I came to know a lot about how photos help improve the website’s credibility and make them more appealing to the users. And that day proved to be a turning point in my life.

Earlier as well, I used to include a lot of images in my blogs. But a chance communication with him made me aware of few nuances which I was not aware of. Here I am going to share some pro photographers tips which will also help you see the photos in a new limelight.

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Compress Your Images

We all know that images are heavy. And so, when you upload them to your website, make sure you compress them to a suitable range. Most of us still never compress the images, just because we are not aware of the pros and cons of this.

When you upload the images in their original sizes, it will take a lot of time to load. This will increase your page load speed, which in turn will push people away. Everyone likes to view the websites which are fast in loading. And if your load speed will be more, your customers will keep on decreasing.

Use proper photograph formats

Most of the people are not clear of when to use which format.

If you are using an image which does not have a transparent background, then go for jpeg format. They are much for efficient and progressive. But if it is the case of logos, where you have to use a transparent background, you can go with png images there.

Use lazy loading of images

It is always advisable not to let all the images of your page load beforehand only. Images take a lot of time to load, thereby effecting the load speed of the page. So go with lazy loading.

Lazy loading enables images to load only when a person scrolls through them. You would have seen this in majority of the websites, that whenever you scroll a page downwards, images load up only then. This greatly effects your load speed, making your page performance faster and better.

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