What is Digital Marketing? Has its meaning changed over the years?

Digital Marketing is the hot topic at present and I bet you dont need Valey VC analysts’ forecasts – as economic continues its digitalisation – demand for it will only grow.

The information noise is on the rise too unfortunately. Thats why its cool to find digital marketing blogs worth reading. My go to is ben-evans.com and recently I discovered the.gt/wordsndeeds/ GRIN tech’s blog is not quite from the same league as Ben Evans, but hej, someone has to the footwork too.

Digital marketing has almost completely taken over print or traditional media when it comes to products or services promotions. And the single reason for this is the ever increasing age of digital era. Since more and more people are making a shift online, businesses have also started levying this platform.

While we are talking about Digital marketing, what do you think is exactly covered under this?

You might be familiar with the concept of marketing. It means making right people aware about your products at the right time. Digital Marketing takes this one step ahead, by using online platforms. It is the way to use online mediums to reach out to majority of the targeted customers. Some of the mediums that are covered under this include:

  • Internet
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine
  • Display Advertising, and so on.

Some of the services that are included in Digital Marketing are SEO, SMM, SMS, SNS, and many more. All of these services together make Digital Marketing. But they are not always run in conjunction. Many businesses thrive on the power of one, while some cover as many mediums and ways as possible.

You can read this Digital Marketing and Development blog at the.gt to know more about this concept and how to make the best use of it.

Has it changed?

Definitely yes!

Earlier, digital marketing meant search results. All the businesses thrived on SEO and organic traffic (nowadays more and more people call it content marketing, but in its heart it is still good old SEO)

But, as more and more digital platforms came into existence, the meaning of digital marketing and promotions kept on changing. Now there exist many businesses that run and thrive purely on the basis of Facebook. While there are other businesses as well who run purely on Google Ads and single landing page.

They do not have anything to do with organic traffic. And they are totally happy with the success they are getting.

But is it all?

If we take their example, it might feel sufficient for them. But my suggestion would be to go with the marketing mix.

SEO and Social Media Promotions should always go hand in hand. And that is because you never know when any social media platform changes its regulations and algorithms, and your business which run solely on Facebook shuts down immediately. So it is always better to have a second stream of revenue to be on a safer side.


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