How to get More Likes for your Instagram posts?

Since Instagram is rising high on popularity, majority of brands have already started promoting their content on this platform. And this also means that these brands would now have to face extreme tough competition. So now you need a good strategy to beat this.

One of those strategies is to have large number of followers. And the one which will have more followers and likes, is definitely likely to lead the race. Don’t you think so? This also becomes advantageous in case of clothing store websites, such as for Women’s Church Suits, Men’s Business Suits, and so on. More likes would mean higher sales on your website.

But how are you going to get more likes on your Instagram posts? Let’s check out some of the very popular ways to get auto likes on Instagram.

Follow other people

Instagram keeps suggesting you people and hashtags to follow. If those recommendations are related to what you normally post, start following them. And when you will start liking and commenting on their posts, they will start to notice you. Result? Back following and likes on your own Instagram posts.

This step will help you build connections, and in return make your network more and more strong.

Create appealing posts

One way to post is to upload random snapshots. Another idea is to make them appealing enough that people just cannot ignore. For this, there are so many videos you will find on internet that shows you some amazing killer ways to click pictures. Use these ideas and make your content visually attractive.

You can also go with the 3×3 grid idea to share your photos, which allows you to get maximum likes on a lot of your posts. In this strategy, your picture gets divided into 9 pictures which are shared one by one. If seen alone, a person cannot make out what it is about. But if people visit your profile page and then have a look, a complete picture is formed. This is one of the best strategies to get automatic Instagram likes.

Use a mix of hashtags

Why use same kind of hashtags for every post?

Use a proper mix – very popular and less popular.

If you use a mix of hashtags, you can stay assured that people will notice your photos for a long time to come. Along with hashtags, also tag some relevant accounts. For example, if you go to some tourist place and click pictures, you can also tag tourist department of that area and so on.

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