Best Video Sharing Platforms of 2019

YouTube is the number 1 platform everywhere. But this is not the only platform where people can share their videos.

Ever since its success, there are numerous other websites and platforms that have started coming up, aiming to ease out any customer complaints with regards to YouTube. While it is popular, there are many drawbacks to this platform faced by the users, some of which include:

  • Ads in the videos
  • YouTube can ban your video anytime
  • No proper judgement of trending videos, and so on.

With these issues, many people find it convenient to move to the less popular, yet more comfortable platforms. So, here I am going to list down some of these efficient and comfortable YouTube alternatives with you, where you can easily upload and share the videos with your friends and family.


Vimeo is, without any doubt, the best competitor to YouTube. And it is also one of the best video sharing platforms today. People use it to watch movies online, as well as share their own personal videos. Vimeo is primarily popular with creative content curators, who have something new and interesting to present to the viewers.

Besides this, there are some other similar platforms as well, which are becoming famous, such as 123movies and Megashare.


This is another popular platform for sharing videos. DailyMotion has gained popularity mainly because it has similar layout and categories as that of YouTube. So people find it very easy to switch here. But it has certain drawbacks as well, such as cap of 1 hr of video, no hd quality upload for non pro users, and so on.

Because of these factors, people are still finding it difficult to adapt to DailyMotion. Due to its hourly cap, people cannot upload videos such as education tutorials, etc. even if they wish to.


Vevo is a popular streaming website for those who love to watch music videos. Since YouTube has so much to offer, it becomes difficult to stay focused on songs videos alone. Vevo offers you this facility with ease. You can anytime visit here and listen to your favorite music without any obstacles.

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