3 Games which went Viral in 2018

Android has now overtaken more than 85% of the smartphone market. There was a time when iOS used to rule in terms of apps and games graphics. But with time, Android has gained the number 1 position in this market. And now, all you see around is Android games ruling the current generation.

People are also keen to play scratch cards, or play those games where they can get bonus at live casinos. But since they cannot find them easily, they switch to their alternatives, Android games.

There are some of the best games here on Android, which almost every person loves. While Candy Crush and Pokemon Go ruled last year, and still continue to be amongst some of the popular games, there are other games as well which have emerged out as more popular.

So let’s count which are those games┬áthat have won hearts of millions.


Once you start playing this, you will find how addictive this is. Specially in India, this is one of the highly trending games on Android Play Store.

In this game, you fight with the people in real time, in order to survive. It is an open world, where you also have to manage various items you will find in the game. PUBG is a greatly optimized game, and can run on any Android platform, irrespective of the graphics of your phone. And you can even get together and team up with your friends to form your own squad, fighting for survival.

Clash Royale

I am sure you might have heard of Clash of Clans, if not played. Clash Royale is the spin-off of this popular game. This is the most popular free game available at Android, all over the world.

Here, you battle with other players one-on-one, in the real time. This is highly addictive and competitive, making sure that you will enjoy playing this game to the core.

HQ Trivia

Wanna make some money?

HQ Trivia is a popular app all over the world which helps you make money. This is a live game, where a series of 12 questions are thrown at you. Ranging from easy to extremely hard, you have to answer each question correctly to win the money. If you have a PayPal account, you can cash out your money whenever you want.

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