How to Combat Health Problems Caused due to Online Writing and Sitting Jobs?

These days, people are a lot into sitting kind of jobs. And longer you keep working while sitting, more severe the health problems would be. You have risk of developing many health diseases, such as

  • Obesity
  • Raised Cholestrol
  • Hypertension
  • Back Problems

And the list goes on. Whether you are an online blogger, or working in some firm where you have to sit for longer durations, you will strain your back and neck muscles as well.

Now how will you combat such issues? You obviously cannot leave your job and look for something else. You would have to solve issues while working with your current job only. Here we will share with you some tips on how you can combat those issues without any hurdle.


It is always advised to stretch your muscles after every 1 or 2 hours while at work. For this, you can go with Dynamic Stretching, or simply taking a walk after every 1 hour. This would keep the blood flowing in your muscles and you won’t develop any of the above said problems.

Along with that, develop a proper exercise routine at home or gym whenever you can take out time. While it helps you cure those health hazards, it also keeps many other problems at bay. You can do Dumbbell Deadlift, Squats, and so on. Hire a personal trainer for you if you are not aware of which exercises can uplift your body.

Eat healthy and drink water

Bad food can also aggravate the problems caused due to writing or sitting jobs. So taking diet rich in protein and nutrients is advised.

Go for healthy eating as much as you can, such as Spaghetti Squash. And along with that, keep drinking more and more water. Water would keep you hydrated and you won’t have fatigue or any other issues you face at work. On the other hand, healthy food rich in nutrients will increase oxygen supply in your body and help your muscles repair quicker than earlier. It would also help in preventing numerous health hazards.

Any health problem that you face in life, can be easily curbed with the right set of food and drinking a lot of water. So get your diet straight and start following that.

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