In-House Writer vs Outsourcing? – Which is better?

If you are maintaining a blog or website, you definitely need a team of writers. Having a good team of writers ensure your content is of utmost quality. What would happen if you do so?

  • Your brand awareness would increase
  • Good quality articles rank better and quickly in search results
  • The SEO of your website would improve
  • Customer Loyalty would increase
  • You will get more leads, and so on.

While there are so many benefits, it is extremely difficult to find good quality writers. And more so, finding them near your work field becomes difficult. So, many companies also go for outsourcing. There are so many assignment writing services, which provide you with excellent content as and when needed.

But out of the 2 options, in-house vs outsource, which one is actually and more beneficial for your company? Let’s analyze.

In House Writers

Most of the companies today have their own team of writers working with them. And they find it much more convenient to work with this model. Having a team at hand gives them a lot of freedom which outsourcing cannot provide. Let’s have a look at pros and cons of getting in-house team of writers.


  • You can give them work at any time during office hours, and expect quick delivery.
  • Employees are hired at a low cost.
  • You can keep a check on their work.
  • These employees are highly responsible.


  • You need to give them salary even when no work is needed to be done.
  • You cannot find good quality writers easily.

Outsourced Writers

There has been increasing scenarios where companies have started outsourcing the content. They look out for writers on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork who can provide them with an exceptional quality content. A bit costly, but they provide you with great content that would help companies rank better.


  • You pay as and when you need the articles to be written.
  • Good quality writers can be found easily.
  • You need not give them employee benefits.


  • Writers come at high cost.
  • You cannot keep a check on their work.
  • If work is more, you cannot go with outsourced writers. They are best for less work.
  • These employees work on their own will.


Overall, if you have large quantity of work and you need to get it done quickly under your supervision, having an in-house team is a better option. But if you have less work and you have plenty of time, but you definitely need high quality, outsourced team is good.

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