3 Mistakes People do when Writing Blog Posts

Whether a beginner, or an advanced blogger, there are some mistakes that every blogger makes. And the direct result of this is poor visibility of your blog. You might not get your desired results if your blog quality is poor.

But do you really know what mistakes you are making? Many of us are not at all aware about very common, yet silly, mistakes that we make. And that is true even in my case. But that does not mean we should avoid that and not work on correcting it, right?

Blogging can be really a complicated activity. But you still have to get that straight. And when it is about businesses such asĀ cashyourcaruae.com, which help people in UAE to get cash against their cars, you need to really be cautious of what you are posting. Bad grammar or bad articles might repel the people instead of attracting them to your website and actually notice what you are selling.

So here we are putting forth some of the common blogging mistakes that you should avoid.

Audience Type

Are you understanding your audience right?

Every product does not have the same audience. Hence, you cannot approach your content in similar fashion for all your blogs. Depending upon the type of audience you have for that blog or post, you need to change and work upon a suitable strategy. A blogger needs to understand which problems faced by his audience, is he trying to resolve through his content. And then see, if you are adding some meaningful solution to the problem, or are you just stating the fact.

People love reading things that are new to them, rather than re-writing the content they are already aware of. So make sure you have done your research right before moving ahead and writing the article.

SEO friendly

Are you keeping the SEO in your mind?

When you write blogs forgetting about the SEO, you will only be able to attract audience when they will find your link somewhere. But when you write SEO articles, you are working on attracting organic traffic as well.

Social Media promotions are going to stay with you for a short time. But SEO friendly articles will keep attracting people over a larger time period.


Does your article even makes sense? Are you keeping the proper grammar in mind?

These are very common mistakes that beginners and advanced bloggers make alike. Some have very poor grammar, which directly hampers the quality of their articles. This is really not done.

Even though you have strong SEO and strong social media presence, your articles would not rank unless you have a good quality article. The reason for the same is bounce rate. If you are able to rank your article high with backlinking and other strategies, this would fall soon because people will dislike your content for having a bad quality. Your bounce rate would increase, and hence overall credibility of your website and blogs would decrease.

So make sure you avoid these few common mistakes and give a great quality content to your readers.

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