Are Offline Sellers More creative than Online Sellers?

Definitely yes!

There are many products which cannot be sold online effectively, such as cannabis, medicines, creative keychains, and some others like the products which a person does not need actually, but wishes to buy on seeing them in the store.

These products, if tried to sell online, will lose a lot of creativity. Wondering why? There are several reasons for the same.

Giving personal touch

When we talk about creativity, we think of giving a personal touch to the products. When you sell online, it becomes highly difficult to personalize the products, which is not at all a problem in selling offline. Obviously you find personalized things online, but that is only because of local retailers who have offline shops for personalized stuff.

Hence, offline shops and sellers allow wide range of creativity as compared to online retailers.

Client Interaction

In online, there is a restriction on communicating with the clients. People hardly make a call and communicate. So the only medium left is through chatting.

And how often does this happen that whatever you wish to communicate, is understood 100% effectively by the other party?

There is always some gap left, which prevents you from giving your 100%. But in case of offline selling, client interactions are made extremely easy. You get to talk one on one with the clients, which allow you to understand every minor requirement of your audience. This way, you can also suggest your own opinions which might get an acceptance if the other person likes.

Online selling loses such option to offer seller’s own opinions, losing much of the creativity.

Quality maintained

When you go online, you get numerous advantages, like

  • Your reach increases
  • Thereby, your customer base increases
  • You start getting increased number of orders

But this also has a negative impact on online sellers. If your reach increases, you might start facing language barriers. And because of that, communication might get affected. In this situation, if you are unable to fully understand what your user wants, you might not be able to give the best quality of your products.

Moreover, when you start getting orders in bulk, your creativity is compromised. You start making products in a fixed way only, and to deliver them faster, you might affect the quality.

But in offline cases, your customer base is limited. And that gives you an added advantage to give your best quality and show utmost creativity.

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