3 Different Demographic Data Available while Targeting Customers for Ads

There are certain products that you have, which need demographic targeting. This is used to categorize your audience into more specific groups, which then helps selling products quicker and easier.

Let’s take an example of razors. Here, you cannot target each and every person available. Only men would be your target audience, not the women. And this is a part of demographic segmentation and targeting. This is something I learnt when I was working with trendyseekers.com, who also sell razors for me. They taught me a lot about different advertising strategies. And demographic segmentation is counted amongst one of those.

Now if we look at this segment, there are 3 ways by which we can classify the products.

Based on Gender

Gender differentiation is the same as the example we told above. Another example would be marketing make up products and sarees. Gender based demographic segmentation is the most common idea used when you target your customers through ads. Mostly men and women are the only 2 options that are considered while promoting your content. Now this promotions can either be carried out by following ways:

Based on Age

Now there are various ways you can categorize based on age.

  • <12, 13-18, 19-25, 26-35, 36-50, >50
  • Children, Adults, Old Age

These 2 are the most commonly used differentiations. This helps when you sell products such as kids toys, wedding dresses, and so on. These kind of products require a certain age group to target. Then only their marketing efforts would be highly beneficial.

Based on Location

Various products and websites cater to a particular country. Some products are also sold locally. For them, location based segmentation is the key to market and promote their products. Let’s take the example of a Kansas City car accident lawyer, who provides his services in his city only. In this, nationwide promotion would be a total waste of monelocation-basedion based segmentation and targeting for ads is advantageous.

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