Popular eCommerce trends in 2018

When eCommerce came into being, no one had predicted that it would become so successful so quickly. And here we are today, where majority of shopping is now done online. Over the years, it has evolved a lot. And from hardly any service, it has come to excellent service to its customers.

But what are these services? In 2018, eCommerce has improved upon and brought in various trends. What are they?

Here I am going to talk about some popular trends in eCommerce which people saw this year.

Fast Shipping

From 10-days to a month’s time of delivery, most of the shopping websites have started going for quick delivery option as well. Although it has not been implemented to its full potential at the moment, but you can see giants like Amazon going for 1 day delivery too.

This fast shipping has led to increase in sales, since people like to get products as quickly as possible. Along with that, various POS systems on seller’s end, like¬†florist POS, have made it possible to accept orders quickly and make deliveries quickly.

This trend of fast delivery is what 2018 brought in.

Machine Learning

There has been a great integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is because of machine learning only, that people get to see suggestions which they are really interested in. Based on the behavior of a person on shopping website or application, the app starts suggesting some related products to the users, which come really handy.

As the time passes, this functionality is seeing great improvements. Very soon, people would see exactly those products which they are most likely to make a purchase for.

Augmented Reality

In this technology feature, you can¬†actually try the products on actual setting in real life. To name a few, Lenskart and the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA are gaining popularity in this regard. In IKEA, you can switch on your camera and focus on the room you want to get furniture for. Now you can select products from IKEA and see how they will fit best in your room’s setting.

This is slowly becoming the reality of many giants today. And it truly helps people judge and buy the products better.

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