How to Create a Website like 123Movies?

Most of the people today are into making websites or blogs. While some have their own creativity and like to create something unique, some like to follow others. These people have their ideal websites in mind, which they wish to replicate.

Out of many such websites, there are few like 123movies, fmovies, couchtuner, etc. which focus on showing online movies to the people. And they have become a great source of inspiration for likemind people who also wish to start their own movie business online. But is it very easy to copy them?

Well, not fully. But to some extent, it is easy to make the same website like 123movies. Here are few tips which you can follow to make your own such website.

Choose a Platform

Obviously you can also make a website from scratch. But is it really worth your money and effort? There are various platforms available, which help you make a website easily. All you would have to do is drag and drop various components, and you can exactly set up the website as you envisioned.

No need for a great developer, and no need to spend so much of time. In short, you will save a lot of your time and money, without compromising on the functionality. And for this, we would highly recommend you to go with WordPress. This is one of the best platforms you will find online that lets you create a lot more than you initially planned.

Choose a Theme

Now when you have installed and set up the WordPress, it is time to choose a theme for you. There are numerous free and paid themes available online for you to choose. These themes basically give a designer skeleton to your website. It will give a defined look to your site which would resonate with your overall business idea.

You can also choose to ignore any theme and go with the basic. But that would appear dull and might not interest people. So going with a theme is a much better idea. You can carry out a research about what kind of looks websites like 123movies have.

And then, choose a theme according to the idea you wish to replicate.

Choose Plugins

Last, but not the least, find and install the plugins you would need to make your website a success. For any and every functionality that you can think of, there are numerous WordPress plugins available. All you have to do is make a list of functions you need on your website, find good plugins for each of those functions, and install them.


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