3 Services I look for in a City before setting up an Office there

Even though the digital shift is happening everywhere rapidly, people would still need an office to work. Not all though, but many still feel comfortable working in the surrounding of your colleagues and bosses and having a conversation while you are at work.

And so, offices will keep on building as the time would pass. But if you are planning on opening up a new location somewhere, what do you look for before starting? Obviously not all locations are comfortable for opening up an office.

Here are few things I look for when I decide on a location.

Easy and cheap transportation

Even though I might be having a vehicle of my own, but most of the employees might won’t. Moreover, when I am opening up branches in multiple locations, I cannot commute on my own vehicle everywhere. So, transportation facility is must. And that too easily available and cheap.

Also, if you are planning on taking your employees out all at once for some meeting or casual outing, you need bus charter services easily. For example, when I last visited Netherlands, we took bus charter in Amsterdam to go for an outing together. These services need to be kept in mind when you plan on a location.

Low Rentals

You will hardly find all the employees from that city where you are planning on opening up an office. Some might need to transfer to the chosen location. So, they would be in need for some house on rent. Is your chosen city offering low rentals to those employees?

If not, they would either not work with you, or you would have to increase their salaries a lot. So it is better to keep this in consideration beforehand only.

Huge customer base with purchasing power

Also, whether you are selling products or services, you cannot solely rely on digital platform. The whole purpose of opening up a new branch is to cater to the public of that city. So do you think that city is offering you huge customer base for the products you are selling? Moreover, do those people have such purchasing power that they can buy your products easily at your price?

There are a lot of things one needs to think of, before launching an office. These few things will guide you on what is best for you.

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