3 Games you can have in your office for employee recreation

No Play and Only work, makes John a dull boy!

I am sure everyone of you might have heard of this line. But how many of you actually implement this in your real life? When it comes to office and job environments, there are hardly a few bosses who actually keep their employees’ health in mind. And they try to keep the office environment as light and healthy as possible.

But that is still not sufficient. Even though you laugh around with peers, you are still working most of the time. Sometimes, what you need is that extra recreational activity that would just rejuvenate you even during your office.

And that can happen when you include some fun games in the office too. Make a small recreational room, or simply give some space to people to play those games and enjoy themselves. But what games can be considered to keep in office? Here we have some suggestions for you.


Not really a big game, so it can be hanged anywhere in the office without allotting special space to the recreational room. People can come together and play it as a competition. But for this, you might need to know strategy for bullseye hitting. Probably then only you will actually enjoy the game to the core.

But nevertheless, this makes one of the wonderful games to be considered for sure.


Kiddish? May be!

But this game has been loved by everyone who started playing it once. Very simple, yet entertaining, people find it extremely pleasurable when they get to block their competitors and make their way ahead in the game. Personally, Ludo has been one of my favorite games which I get to play often in my office. And trust me when I say, I have never found that game empty, that is left without anyone playing it.

As long as people are enjoying the games, Ludo is always counted amongst the best picks.


Whether you call it billiards, or pool, this game is also loved a lot all over the world. Not many offices keep such games, because then they would need a whole room or separate space for keeping this table. Also, it might make some chaos, due to which it is not kept in the sudden vicinity of employees.

But the offices where I have seen this game, there the employees have shown exceptionally happy environment. And hence this is my pick as the 3rd game you can keep.

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