How to Compress HD Movies into smaller file size?

Having a video file of large size might be tempting enough, specially when we think of a movie. But at the same time, they are very difficult to share and download on the web. They also take up a lot of disk space or capacity, which often limits a person to the number of items he can store.

And hence, there feels a need to compress those video files. Compressing a video file does not mean that you are reducing the quality of the video. It simply reduces the size of the video, while keeping the quality intact. This usually comes handy for HD movies. With lesser size of these movies, you can not only share them easily with your friends, but also upload the same on your movies website, such asĀ

Now how are you going to compress these movies?

Use downloaded software

For every functionality on the web, you can find a software available online. For video compression as well, there are numerous software which you can download. Just check out different software and go through their reviews, before you begin your download.

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Use these software to compress your movie into a smaller file size. You just have to upload the file in the software, and the compression will take place. Now share this across the web, with anyone you like.

Compress feature on laptop

Now a days, the laptops usually come with compression feature enabled for every file. Just right click on the file you wish to compress, and click on the “compress” command. Your movie is now converted into a zip file, which is less in size. When received at the other end, the person has to unzip the file to get the same quality and size of video.

Though the size of video is not compressed, but sharing file, i.e. the zip one, is definitely a smaller size.

Online websites

There are numerous websites too, which allow you to compress a file without downloading and uploading the file beforehand. You can also convert online video to your desired format through the websites or app and save it in your desktop. You can either copy paste the URL, or upload the movie file stored on your computer. Go ahead with any option you find relevant and convenient, and you will get a compressed version of the movie.

Now you can use that any way you want. Either upload them online, or share with your friends and family.

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