Why you should use Caricatures in Employee of the Month Awards?

If you want your employees to work dedicatedly for you, then you also need to acknowledge their work and efforts. And for that purpose, almost every company today reward their employees in some or the other way. While some like to give the monetary rewards, some believe in handing out plaques or certificates to respect their efforts and contribution.

In many companies, you will also notice employee of the month awards being handed out to the top performers of the month. Most of the times, these awards are simply the certificates or plaques, as I told before as well. But companies should now upgrade themselves and start handing out the caricatures of the employees winning the award.

And there are numerous reasons as to why am I stating this.

Instant genuine happiness

When an employee sees that cartoon portrait of theirs on the award, they feel that instant genuine smile adorn their face. Though winning an award itself is a great deal. But that does not bring that inside happiness out since they know the awards are collected in large number beforehand only. When time comes, one trophy or a certificate is taken out and handed over to the employee.

Though it feels amazing to become the employee of the month, but nothing special is felt.

But with caricature plaques or trophies, an employee knows that he has seriously earned it, and company has taken a lot of efforts to get this award. When a company does so much for an employee specially, that genuine happiness is incomparable.

Boost the motivation

Becoming an employee of the month does not feel that amazing when you are in work for a long time. You know that even when you will give your best, you would just be handed out a plain award without much pomp and show. But a caricature award is designed specifically keeping the employee in mind.

But understanding who is the top performing employee of the month is not an easy task, since there’s a lot of factors to weight in. A good practice is to have an employee review template that is customizable to the team and employee being reviewed. Having the input of different people within a department or company will give you a better idea of who’s really putting the most efforts and should be given this award.

This special treatment boosts the morale and motivation of the employees and they start putting much more efforts in their work than they previously did. So overall, this is going to benefit the company only, in long run.

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