3 Tips for creating the perfect Personal Blog

Many people today have a liking towards maintaining their own personal blogs, apart from carrying out their day to day lives. And to be true, there is no right or wrong way to prepare a blog. There are many who have made their blogs extremely popular all over the world. While others, even when tried replicating the process, did not succeed.

Not all strategies work equally well for all kinds of blogs. You need to take a lot of parameters in mind if you have to make your personal blog perfect and successful. One of the best blogs which I have come across so far is that of Sourajit Saha. The way he presents his views in the form of articles is amazing.

Even you can do that if you know just the right techniques. Here I am sharing with you few pointers on how you can create a perfect personal blog for yourself.

Take help from audience

If you are creating a blog for people, get to know what they want to read. Get ideas from your audience about what they wish to read about, and which would eventually help you grow your blog. For this, bring into use your social media accounts as well as any other sources you have.

Moreover, you can also get your audience to contribute, while you will recognize their efforts through their mentions. Everyone loves to get a mention of his or her name somewhere on the web. And this would surely help you generate good content quickly and effectively.

Write for yourself

Though it would be your audience who will read your posts, you need to first write content for yourself. Focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. and form them in beautiful sentences and articles. If people can get to know the real you through your posts, they would connect with you on a better note.

Consistency and Quality

These 2 are the most important parameters for any website or blog. Firstly, you need to be consistent enough with your posts and updates. It should not happen that you publish today, and come back a week or month later. Keep it a habit to interact with your audience or update your personal blog in a timely manner.

And talking about quality, no one likes to read the content that has poor grammar or appears as a long essay.

  • Keep your content interesting
  • Make sure grammar is great
  • Your article title should be catchy and interesting
  • The presentation should be in the form of short paragraphs divided in headings and subheadings
  • Try to use images and videos as much as you can.

As long as you will keep your content interesting, people would read it happily.

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