How to promote your website on Twitter?

Normally, Facebook and Instagram are the 2 platforms where people promote their services and products extensively. While you can definitely make use of them for your own website, don’t forget to add other social media websites too.

There are numerous sites which are today used for marketing and promotions. So if you are set to promote your services and products, bring as many websites as you can, under your promotional wing. Each and every platform would help drive the traffic on your website.

Twitter is one of those social media platforms we are talking about. Though not many companies use this for their promotions, this is still a good idea to consider if you are looking for extensive growth.

Here are few ideas on how you can promote your content on Twitter.

Create New Business Account

When it comes to Facebook, you don’t have to create a separate account since you need business pages for your company or website. And that can be done through your personal account also. But with Twitter, anything you do comes under one account only.

So you would need a separate account on Twitter for your business purposes. There are just a few things you need to do here.

  1. Create a handle similar to the name of your website
  2. Upload a profile picture for that account
  3. Complete the bio here

With these steps, your new account is ready. Make sure you spend a good amount of time writing the bio for your website or business. The words you put here would help people reach out to you and read your profile. Your bio forms an important part of your business page and profile. Also, don’t forget to add the link to your website. After all, the main agenda of these promotions is to bring traffic from here to your own website, right?

Now you have your account ready, and you can focus entirely on your business promotions through this new twitter account.

Tweet Interesting Content

Now keep in mind that you need to tweet the kind of content that would interest your readers and target audience, for example the coupon codes for interesting deals on your site. Do not just copy paste the links to your website. Make them appealing enough that people feel forced to have a read at that.

Also, make sure only some of the content that you publish links back to your website. Try to mix match different kind of content. Sometimes, also add content that is generally interesting, and is not linked to your website.

This way, you would appear more authentic and people will love to check your posts. Otherwise, you would appear more spamming in nature.

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