What Makes SEO a Better Choice Over Social Media Marketing?

A choice between SEO and SMM has always been a confusion. Well, here we learn things in detail and conclude which one is better –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Investing in SEO means making it easier for search engines to index your website and feature it whenever any relevant search is conducted. For example, if you are selling a remarkable system in terms of easy fat loss at home, you would really want to invest in the SEO of your product to reach maximum people.

Earlier, it was only about throwing keywords. But it has now evolved to a very complex system that includes a wide range of on and off page tactics in order to improve ranking and appear on the top when they conduct relevant searches.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As the name suggests, Social Media Marketing is all about how you market your business on social media platforms. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is done for the popularity of your company on social media. The business page on a common social media network, where the maximum of your customers can be reached, will promote your company and bring you customers. Here, it is very important to maintain a quality presence on social media networks which is not at all an easy task. In fact, focusing on too many networks can also weaken your marketing strategy, and the results can deviate a lot from the desired outcome.


Choosing an effective market strategy between SEO and SMM has always been a debatable issue. Many marketing experts say SEO is the best whereas some claim that SMM is the new SEO. Though it is hard to make a choice, according to maximum marketing experts, SEO is more effective than SMM, and it should be preferred. Let’s know the reason behind such a conclusion.

Why is SEO considered a better marketing strategy than SMM?

Companies all around the world focus on making their SEO better because reports say that its effectiveness is highly on the rise. Your website will be featured on top if it is SEO friendly. This will take your websites to a lot more number of audience. Here are some reasons why SEO is considered better than SMM:

  • SEO takes you to people who are looking for a solution. So, you can easily target them and turn things your way.
  • SEO will help you in generating leads which have more chances of converting.
  • Most importantly, SEO gives you a tenacious stream of clear, organic and free traffic.
  • Lastly, SEO helps you get good credibility for your niche.

Even after all these points, know that nothing can be better than working with both SEO and SMM. If possible, you should opt for both of them.

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