Tips to Write a Perfect Ultimate Guide to Anything

You might have come across a lot of websites which are an ultimate guide to second hand piano in Malaysia, guide to WordPress development, guide on how to grow taller, guide to body building and so on.

Do you also feel motivated to make one such website for yourself?

If so, then you are not alone. I have met so many people who have been asking tips about how they can start a website to share their own ultimate guide. So I though why not share with the rest of the world as well, who are looking to create such a website? Here are some tips on how you can write an ultimate guide to anything you want.

Introduce the main agenda

Before starting with the content of your guide, introduce your website and your agenda to your readers. Share with them what you intend to do through your website, and how they can be benefitted.

For example, you can talk about for whom this website is most suitable, what they would achieve by the end of this guide, how much time they would need to go through this guide and so on. When you have introduced yourself and your motive to your readers, move ahead and start with the content.

Create a content plan

In other words, share with the readers the index of your guide. Height Maximizer is one such websites, which have clearly laid down their agenda, along with a good index to know what to expect from the guide.

You can also lay out the content plan of your guide, so that people don’t keep any false assumptions and expectations. Make them clear on what would be the chapters of your ultimate guide, so that they can begin learning after having a clear concept.

Share Images and Videos

An image speaks thousand words.

The phrase is totally apt and much needed in today’s time.

Including all text is not at all reader friendly. You also need to include the images and videos wherever possible, so that people can relate as much as they can. Images increase the understandability of the audience, which would eventually lead to the popularity of your guide.

So, use images such as infographics, graphs, comparisons, examples, and so on to increase the interest of users in your content. This would help you create a perfect guide you were looking for.

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