Latest Google Algorithm Updates that Every Website Owner Should Know

Every webmaster aspires to rank his website in the top three positions in the google search bar. Some of them succeeds while the rest get disappointed. But Google keeps astonishing even successful website builder with time to time updates in its algorithm.

If you do not understand these updates seriously, it can leave your website in a very bad situation which you can’t imagine.

An SEO agency in Australia, that is one of the industry leaders in this field, shares how important is it to keep track of these updates and then work around the best practices to rank your website. Not every update keeps you where you were earlier. And so it is important you work on the SEO of your website from time to time.

Let’s go through some of the latest updates that are done by Google.

Google Panda

This term always disturbs a webmaster. Its purpose is to check the quality of content available on your website. Google Panda ranks the pages which have high-quality content and drop the pages which contain duplicated, irrelevant, or misguiding information. Hence, once you publish an article on your website, make sure it has good quality content with relevant facts.

Google Penguin

This is another important update of google which affects a website directly. Google penguin ranks a website according to the placement of backlinks. It lowers the ranking and traffic of a website if the backlinks follow your own linked pages. One more factor about backlinks which google penguin checks is, backlinks should not be from different domains.

To check the quality of backlinks on your website, go for a backlink quality check tool.

Google Payday Loan

It works a little bit differently than Google Panda and Google Penguin. Actually, this update came into effect in 2013, when Google decided to eliminate pornography, online casino gambling, and other malicious content available on websites. Google Payday Loan directly target the website which uses these keywords. Hence avoid such keywords on your website.

Google Fred

Next in the list is Google Fred. Basically, it is a bundle of updates which google publishes in its algorithms every day. These updates cannot be ignored, but sometimes they affect the websites brutally. Google Fred harms your website if you have advertised aggressively there. One more thing which Google Fred accounts, and that is poor user experience.

Hence make your content full of quality and relevant facts.

So next time when your website traffic go down, don’t forget to detail with these factors given above. Try to improve the quality of your website as a whole and you will rank better with the next update too.

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