4 Fundamentals of SEO You Should Know To be Expert

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of ranking a website at one of the top positions of Google, by doing some intricate work at the website editor. It helps to improve your site structure by dealing with many issues, including optimizing content and dealing with crawlers. The basics of SEO are easy to use in a website. But the hard part of SEO is challenging to create. Although SEO is a complex work to do, one can experience its better results after understanding the Google algorithm. Below are four fundamentals of SEO that you should know to be an SEO expert.

Page Title Tag

It is the small text written on the top of the browser bar. It is imperative, and most of the developers do not take it seriously. The text or phrases written there, address the content of your page. And most browsers use this text as a link, displayed during the result. Create compelling and easy to understand page title tag, which could help you to increase clicks when your title would be displayed among all the results.

Meta Keyword and Description

SEO professionals sometimes ignore the importance of the Meta Keyword and Description. Meta keywords appear at the bottom of search engine results and should not be ignored. They should be used in the content of relevant pages under allowed density. Meta description tailors your content after the search result shown on search pages. It attracts Google visitors to your pages. One can say meta description enhances and beautifies your presence on Google search page.

Use H1 To H6 Tags

The search engines also evaluate the site pages as humans do. They search for the number of headings, subheading and length of the paragraph in the pages. It can be achieved by merely using <H1> through <H6> tags. They are HTML tags which are installed in the source code page, but editor like Word Press allows you to use them on the visual page directly without using coding. Using these tags beautify your sites’ pages, which finally aids into an increase of visitor interest time on your website.

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