Top 3 Voice Search Trends That Will Reshape the SEO

People like things that make their life easier. Above every other thing, people go with those things that will let them work less and put less effort. This also means that there is a massive scope for voice search that will surely be one of the most efficient options for people to search for their queries online. Currently, voice search is rising at a rapid pace and quite certainly, it will be the main search medium in the future.

The reason why voice search is in trend and will be the most convenient search medium is because of the ease of use. People have got tired of the traditional search methods like typing the search query and now they’re looking for an easier way which is hidden in voice search. Voice search allows you to search your query by speaking that abolishes the effort of typing. The growing use of voice search in search engines, eCommerce sites, smartphones, and many more has made it one of the most crucial SEO Trends we have at the moment. And if you are not including conversational keywords in your content, that’s one of the biggest mistakes in your content.

During our interview with various SEO companies in Dubai, we’ve also been informed that the agencies are looking forward to implementing different strategies to rank their website for the voice search!

In this article, we are going to convey the trends in voice search. But before that, let us make you aware of voice search, its future, and applications.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search, as per the definition, is a speech recognition technology which lets you search for anything by speaking out loudly. This way of search just by speaking is gaining popularity at a rapid pace which has an immense potential of replacing the traditional typing search. There’d be a simple procedure for the voice search. At first, you need to provide a command or speech that’s get recognized first by the machine and then you can submit your query which will be analyzed and recognized. After recognizing your voice, it’ll be converted into text which is the keyword segment of SEO.

The Future of Voice Search and Voice Technology

Many businesses and organizations have already started implementing the voice search technology into their online business strategies and they are experiencing massive growth in terms of increased sales and enhanced customer attraction. It seems to be growing into one of the most common and powerful trends which will bring great business to the companies.

Moreover, individuals across the globe love devices that will listen to their instructions and function accordingly. If you are handed a phone that would open any app just by receiving a command from your voice, it would surely be the best thing you can get. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Ok Google are the best technologies that are creating buzz and used by millions of internet users. As per the data, collected by an SEO company in Dubai, Virohaa, almost 85% of the searches will be done via voice by 2023.

Voice Search Trends

Below are the areas in voice search technology that have become a trend over the years and will become a household technology over the years. Let’s have a look.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are such a trend that has taken the voice search technology to new heights. The world is adopting this technology rapidly and some of the earliest adoptions of the technology are Siri and Alexa. However, they are mediocre (to be very frank) and built with the only purpose of entertainment. They hardly support a lot of functionalities.

Even in the present scenario, we often put up some irritating questions to Alexa and Siri, for instance, the food she likes or whether she’ll be our friend and many more. But the technologies have been upgrading and giving a personal touch to their services. Apple HomePod and Google Home would be the best two examples of the shift that is happening in the smart speaker technology.

If sources are to be believed, more than 20 million smart speakers have been sold in the US in the year 2017 and 9 million more in 2018. And by the end of the year 2020, the total number of users will rise up to 76 million, as per the experts. We are talking about almost 40% increment from before.

Voice Search Mobility

Smart speakers are not the end of voice search technology; you can find even smarter technologies apart from the smart speakers which offer similar features. You will be able to source information through voice search through mobile at the moment. Moreover, you can also make use of your mobile devices to access the Google voice search which is available in your preferred language. At the moment, the service is available in more than 60 languages which is wonderful progress.

As per the reports from 2016, we found that more than 15% of the Google searches on the Android devices and mobile apps were executed by the voice search and the number has exponentially increased over the years. We can expect a skyrocketing volume of voice-based Google search in the coming years.

Experts have reportedly found more than 60% of these searches made on a natural or conversational tone instead of speaking out the keyword alone like a text search. Thus, if you want to search for a keyword “SEO services in Dubai”, it would be like “what are the best SEO services in Dubai?” on the voice search. The voice search welcomes the question-based keywords.

Machine Learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence, without any doubt, is the greatest invention in this century which is backed by machine learning and robotics. The improvement in these technologies lies in Data and information. Along with we provide more and better information into these systems, their scope of performance alongside the functionalities will also be improved which will result in providing each one of us an improved result.

Our interactions with smart devices have greatly been impacted and improvised with these advancements and innovations happening in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. If you want to get an awesome example of the progress of these technologies, take a look at the Rank Brain from Google.

Rank Brain is built to identify and analyze different terms, words, and phrases which can be translated mathematically in order to learn. The best part of Rank Brain is the fact that it can evaluate and assume the meaning of a word which has not been heard or learned before. It can make an assumption on what the searchers could mean by the word and it can provide you the answers (which are mostly correct) based on the assumption.

This ability to think is going to revolutionize the domain of voice searches and it will considerably provide a great solution to any query or concern.


These are the top three trends of voice search at the moment. Without any doubt, we can say that these trends are not going to stay as trends any more in upcoming days since they are going to be quite common in terms of utilization. The upsurge in the voice search has taken the SEO market by storm and it will reshape the process of search engine optimization in the future. So, if you are going to hire an SEO agency, it’s time that you ask them whether they are working on adapting to the voice search. These voice search trends can certainly be utilized efficiently for your business if you get the proper understanding.

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