3 Essential Components which make a Website’s Design Look great

Great Website design does not just mean good looks. There is lot more to it than we normally perceive. Every year, a large number of advancements are made in the website design. Successful sites keep on incorporating these changes, making them look even more amazing to view and read.

Since others are staying up to date and being successful, it clearly means even we have to change our ways of thinking and keep up with the changes. But before going ahead and making minute but important changes, let’s talk about the 3 most basic components which I learned during my short tenure at Web Design Singapore, that are required to make a beautiful website.

No. 1 – Great Logo

Sometimes, websites just write the name in place of the logo and keep on working to make rest of the website look good. But that would not do you any good. The first and most important component is the logo of your website.

If possible, spend some good amount and get your logo created from professionals. Talk to them what your website will be all about and get a personalized logo created for you. This logo will then become the identity of your website and people will start recognizing you with the same.

You may think why this is so important. Just think of any successful website which does not has a logo. Hard to think right? When you are recalling the websites, you subconsciously also think of their logos. This is the impact of a good, hard to forget, logo.

No. 2 – Organized Structure

While many people believe they are making the content organized, they are not actually doing so. Writing articles in long paragraphs without giving any subheadings or images in between, most of the times repel people. Also, writing any point anywhere in between also does no good to you.

GramLike Website has a well organized structure and they have listed pricing for the services they provide in a nice way. You can check their website to learn more.

So what exactly you should follow now? Think of what you wish to write. Make some pointers before starting with your article. Now when you have things in mind, start organizing your content in a proper meaningful flow. One point should easily follow the next.

Use headings, subheadings, images, bullet points, small paragraphs, etc. to make your article look organized and very interesting to read. When you give structure to your content, people read that with a lot of enthusiasm.

No. 3 – Creative Images

This is another important component of a good website design. Do not just copy paste the images from Google or other websites. Many of them even have a copyright attached to it, which you might violate by mistake and will have to pay heavy penalty.

There are various online and offline photo making tools that will help you create wonderful and creative images easily. If you are aware of Photoshop, then it works the best. But if not, you can also try online software to club different images with text and other designs to make your image look attractive.

Creative images also help people click your links when you share them in your social profiles. And if you are creating the images by yourself, you even get indexed by Google and other websites give you credits for using them. And hence, it also helps you in link building other than making your site look attractive.

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