3 Tips for Teachers who run a Personal blog


Today, it has become highly important for professionals to create their own blogs or websites, be it in any field. And if you are a teacher, a personal blog will help you much more in achieving recognition. Moreover, creating a blog is way simpler these days than it had been previously. All you need is a platform like WordPress, Blogger, etc. and you can easily make a blog here without any hassle.

This article is oriented towards all kinds of teachers, it doesn’t matter if you are an interview coach, home tutor or college professor. Having a perfect blog can be really useful.

But you need to keep few pointers in mind that will help you create an efficient blog. After all, even you might be wondering what will we add in that page of ours. Let’s have a look at some important tips to consider.

About me & Contact

This is the basic page which everybody is definitely aware of. Here you need to talk about yourself, just like you say in an interview. You can talk about your background, your institute where you teach, your interests, or anything you feel like. The whole objective of this page is to familiarize the students with your personality.

Also add a contact page, where parents or students can connect with you for their queries, if any. It may not be your personal phone number, but your email address or any social media address where they can reach you.

Achievements and Qualifications

This is the most important page that will help build your reputation. Talk about your qualifications here, and your achievements. For example, if you have submitted some research paper, you can talk about here. These achievements will not only build your reputation, but will also give confidence to parents that they are sending their children in right and knowledgeable hands.

Top Students

Here, you can talk about the success of the top few students who have studied from you. You can tell what all they have achieved and how your teaching has helped them in their life. This again helps in strengthening the confidence of other students as well as the parents.

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