What should Businesses do in 2018 to beat the competition?

There is so much competition around us, that we fail to notice even small things that can help us out. Every day there is some or the other business coming up. And they have nothing new to offer that many others already do not offer.

And I am sure, even you will be one of them if you are starting your own business. Take any segment, any niche is consideration, you will find a business already in that stream. Then how are you going to make yourself different from them? And in fact, what do you think makes you different from your competitors?

According to me, there are few situations which can tell if you are different and preferred over your competitors or not.

  • Traffic grows for your business at a constant rate.
  • People recognize your brand easily.
  • You have repeat customers, and so on.

Now when you know what to look for, how are you going to achieve this? What should you do this year that will set you apart from your other competitors?

Get on With a Website

If you have recently started your business, I am sure you might not have thought about making a website of your own. Most of the businesses and stores still do not have a site. They totally rely on Google ratings and suggestions. But here, you are highly wrong if you do this.

If you want to set apart from your competitors, you need to make your identity. And for that, do not depend on others. Build your own website, that highlights what you have to offer and how you are different. Making a website is your first step towards success. I have a very good example of video surveillance experts who set themselves different from their competitors, by following this strategy. In general, you won’t see many such experts having a separate identity of their own.

how should businesses defeat competition?

Start with Marketing

Here, I would like to put emphasis on 2 most important pillars of digital marketing – SEO and Social Media. Both of them are highly important if you want to make a mark in the heart and minds of your consumers. Through SEO, you will start appearing in top results of Google Search. As a result, people will start noticing your company and website more often.

Through Social Media Marketing, your brand will get a recognition. People will start recognizing you by your name and your services. Here, you can easily reach out to your target audience, since most of the people are there on Social Media. For example, in the case of video surveillance, how do people come to know which brand to buy? They might have read about it somewhere on social media, right? Social Media holds really a great power to attract target customers to your brand and organization.

Build Networks

Now, you need to focus on 3rd most important parameter – build connections and grow network. For this, you can join various forums and similar platforms. All you need is that people should trust you. These forums will really provide a great platform to start communication with your target customers, and work on the trust factor. Once you feel people recognize you, start attracting them to your business.

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