What is Event Blogging? How you can Monetize it?

These days, event blogging has become a very common trend among bloggers. And many people who are planning to start their own blog have started considering event blogging to start with.

But before we rant about how good this event blogging is, what actually is event blogging?

Event blogging makes into use the concept of micro niche blogging. In other words, here the bloggers blog about a very micro niche topic, or a very specific topic in their entire blog. More specifically, this is about a particular event coming up in the near future. Some popular examples for the same can be those about FIFA championship, halloween costumes, and so on.

Another really specific example would be something localized to a particular city. Lets say you want to target people for Yourtown draws which happen occasionally few times a year. Then you can create and promote a website like PrizeHomeTickets.com.au. And you can see all the yourtown draws here on that website and think about creating a similar page on your site too.

The event can either be a festival coming up, or any sport tournament, or any such thing. All a blogger has to do is talk something related to it and attract the interest of the audience.

Why event blogging?

Now when we know what this actually is, why do you think people go for event blogging? The craze of people will only be for a limited time, and then people will lose interest in your blog.

What would you get from working so hard just to get traffic for a few days?

Event blogging is one of the best and fastest methods to earn great money. Within a few days, these blogs have a potential to earn unlimited amount of revenue. All you have to do is make your blog successful. Higher the traffic, higher the revenue.

How you can generate money?

Having understood the basic concept of event blogging, let’s see how you can earn money from this method. There are numerous ways how you can achieve this. Here we will discuss few of those ways.

Find a perfect niche

This is the very basic step before you start with event blogging. Find out what you want to target. This would base on whom are you targeting. If you are targeting people of America, and the winter is round the corner, you can pick up christmas as your main niche. And so on. But also remember, these are the most searched topics across the globe. And when there is a high search volume, there is usually a very high competition.

So unless you know very well how to break from this competition, don’t go for high traffic keywords. Find the ones you think you can handle easily.

Develop a blog

Next step – find a domain name and build the blog. You can use popular blogging websites such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. for this purpose. But you have to think of a nice and catchy domain name to go for your blog. Next, make an attractive blog with meaningful and helpful content.

Do proper marketing of the blog to reach out to your target customers. Take help of various social media platforms and SEO strategies to increase traffic to your blog.


Final step – convert that traffic into money. For this, you can either go with Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, CPA and CPI, and so on. Your event blogging is ready and done!

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